At J.F. Taylor, Inc., we offer hands-on engineering where our employees work with the latest-and-greatest military aviation programs. Our employees are involved with flight simulator design, fabrication and maintenance, systems engineering, war gaming, flight testing, computer system networking and design, and new product development. Employees participate on teams that see their high-tech projects from requirements definition, through design, fabrication, testing, and delivery. We also offer employment opportunities in administrative and support roles, such as financial analysis or contract and documentation management.

We are always searching for people who have a passion for technical challenges and a desire to excel. In filling our Current Openings, we are hoping to meet near-term staffing requirements as well as bring in future company leaders and managers.

With our “People First” management philosophy, competitive salaries, and excellent Employee Benefits, we successfully maintain a low turnover rate and a high level of customer satisfaction.  

21610 South Essex Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653