Commercial Air Services Coordination

J.F. Taylor, Inc. employees working on the Commercial Air Services (CAS) team provide a wide range of services to the fleet and Test & Evaluation communities. From coordinating, scheduling, and programming the Navy’s DRFM Electronic Warfare (EW) pods and threat simulators to supporting, maintaining, calibrating, and operating the airborne B-band/IFF emitter, the CAS team is at the forefront of EW support of CEC/SSDS tests, and C2X/JTFEX training exercises.

Our employees provide operational oversight and engineering, test plan writing, systems integration and crew members qualified for flight testing military and RDT&E-prototype systems in Learjets such as these, Models (extended range). Learjet in flight is a U.S. Navy photo.






CAS also provides expertise in the integration of global commercial airborne training initiatives, new electronic warfare capabilities into various EW training aircraft, the rangeless airborne training system concept, and the first commercial air tanker (Omega Air KC707) to the fleet.


For the G-1 Gulfstream “Phoenix Crow” program, the JFTI CAS team provides liaison for the military, contractor, and Government agencies for operations and certifications. We also provide electronic warfare (EW) flight crew for mission coordination/tactics during fleet training.

U.S. Navy photo

CAS provides integration and operational support of instrumented/ podded Lear aircraft for T&E programs including F/A-18, C-130, VP-3, C-2, E-2C, Mode 5, and SH-60R, Fallon Airwing SFARP training periods, and Combat ID exercises.

The CAS team coordinates extensively with the Commercial Air Support (CAS) fleet priority system for assets, ensuring the correct equipment/aircraft will be available to meet the user’s requirements. Lastly CAS provides detachment personnel for flight schedule coordination to Pt. Mugu, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or any place on the globe where fleet training occurs.

CAS team members working on the F-21C2 Kfir “Lion” (left) and KC707 programs (right) provide liaison for the military, contractor, and Government agencies for operations and certifications. The KC707 Tanker was the Navy’s first commercial tanker.

U.S. Navy photos  




In addition to liaison for the A-4 Skyhawk operations and certifications, JFTI employees also assist with managing the foreign military sales (FMS) program and with aircraft/EW systems integration.

U.S. Navy photo







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