Electrical Fabrication

Our 10,600 sq. ft. Electrical Shop is housed in a high bay area capable of supporting multiple, simultaneous cockpit development efforts.


Each electrical technician has a dedicated lighted workbench equipped with a tool chest and standard hand tools.   Each bench also includes a soldering station for wire fabrication use. Technicians have direct access to the engineering team throughout the fabrication and installation process, reducing risk and cost.

The Electrical Shop includes four 20-foot wiring tables for wire bundle fabrication.   Wiring tables support end-to-end connection for fabrication of longer wire harnesses.  

Wire trees are also available in the Electrical Shop to support wire harness fabrication.   Automated wire label printers are used to label each wire within production wire harnesses.   Additional tools available to the electrical technician team include hand and pneumatic pin crimpers with die sets to support a ll common military and commercial connectors, heat guns, digital multi-meters, and cable testers.



The Electrical Shop also includes a dedicated ESD-safe work area and workstations with grounded benches with ESD-safe work surfaces and floor mats. Grounded soldering equipment, personal wrist straps, and wrist strap testers are also included. In addition, we have a dedicated Integration Laboratory to support hardware/software integration tasks.  


The power system and I/O requirements of electrical designs are completely analyzed in AutoCAD prior to schematic generation. Orcad/Altera is used for complex board and gate array designs. Electrical fabrication details and requirements are provided to the mechanical team for inclusion within the 3D models. Reviews are held at different design stages to ensure accuracy of the design, quality of the work, and dissemination of information across the team.

21610 South Essex Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653