High Fidelity Cockpits & Crewstations

In addition to full flight training devices, J.F. Taylor, Inc. manufactures fully populated aircraft or helicopter cockpits for use within aircrew trainers. Our simulation cockpits provide the highest fidelity representation of the design basis aircraft to support realistic aircrew training.



 KC-130 APT cockpit produced from a salvaged plane.  

Each trainer cockpit is mechanically designed and analyzed within a 3D CAD environment prior to fabrication and assembly. CAD analysis ensures that:

  • All human interfaces and control interfaces operate properly and provide the correct representation of the simulated airframe.
  • Structural integrity exists over the entire range of operation for the training device.

Electrical Design and Integration

Our engineering staff provides a complete cockpit system design. Our simulation cockpits are fully wired and ready for integration with host computational systems.

  • Cockpits can include fully integrated power systems to support the various simulation panels, gauges, displays, and avionics integrated within the cockpit.  
  • Cockpits are provided with or without fully integrated I/O systems, video distribution, and Aircraft Original Equipment such as mission computers, displays, etc.
  • We can also design, develop, and integrate any or all simulation panels and display systems required within a given cockpit.

Cockpit Construction

We provide multiple cockpit construction possibilities, depending on customer and trainer needs:

  • Fiberglass Cockpits
    • Faro-Arm scan taken from the design basis aircraft to create a 3D CAD model
    • Interior and Exterior structures replicated
  • Salvaged Aircraft Cockpits
    • Re-worked for trainer use
    • Configuration updated as needed (e.g. KC-130F converted to KC-130T,  
      AH-1S converted to AH-1W)

  Crew Interfaces

Major crew interface controls such as throttle assemblies, control yokes, sticks, rudder pedals are typically implemented using original aircraft components. These are integrated into an active control loading system that accurately mimics the feel of the representative aircraft. This produces a simulation cockpit that accurately recreates all of the forces, cues, and displacements that aircrew would experience in the actual aircraft over the entire flight regime.


Cockpit Fabrication

The majority of the fabrication and assembly of cockpit parts is done on-site to ensure quality, minimize risks, control cost, and to meet schedule. The mechanical and electrical technicians in our fabrication facilities work directly with our engineering staff during cockpit fabrication and assembly phases, thus minimizing problem resolution time and maximizing efficiency.

The fiberglass shell for an MH-60S TOFT
under construction in our high bay laboratory.




MH-60S TOFT #6 under construction at J.F. Taylor.


Onboard equipment racks being wired for an MH-60R OFT.

For Additional Information

For additional information on J.F. Taylor, Inc. or to find out how our capabilities can meet your needs, please contact information@jfti.com.  


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