Instructor/Operator Stations

J.F. Taylor, Inc. has been developing Instructor Operator Systems since 1994. Our experience with flight simulator Instructor Operator Stations (IOSs) ranges from compact single-monitor, single-operator IOSs to large, multiple-monitor, multiple-operator IOSs.

 AH-1W Cobra Instructor Operator Station

Each IOS is designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of the customer, including mechanical layout and configuration, electrical components, and IOS software capabilities. We have developed a powerful, yet easy-to-use, IOS software package (for MS Windows) that can be easily modified to support almost any aircraft simulator (fixed-wing or rotary-wing).  


Standard IOS Software Capabilities

  • Situation Awareness Displays
    • Cross Country Display—Coastlines,
      Navigation Stations, Airports, Threats,
      Friendlies, Waypoints
    • Moving Map Display—NIMA CADRG Data
    • Approach Plate Display
  • Remote Control Unit (remote access to IOS functions)
  • Real-time Data Recording and Plotting
  • Unlimited Initial Condition Save Sets
  • Advanced Malfunction Controls
  • NATOPS Procedure Display
  • Visual Weather and Lighting Controls
  • Stand-alone Instructor Training Mode with Host Emulator


Approach Plate with Data Plot

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CADRG Moving Map




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