Mechanical Fabrication

Our Mechanical Shop is a 12,200 sq. ft. high bay development and integration space capable of supporting the multiple, simultaneous cockpit development efforts. We have equipment to work on aluminum and steel, including a 50-ton press brake and a hydraulic shear.  



Each mechanical technician has a dedicated workbench and set of hand tools, and additional workbenches and tools are procured when staff are added.   Technicians have direct access to the engineering team throughout the fabrication and installation process, reducing risk and cost.


All mechanical designs and manufactured electrical components are modeled and analyzed in 3D CAD packages, such as Solid Works, ProE, and COSMOS.   This ensures a more efficient integration period as well as compatibility, proper clearances, range of motion, etc.   Design components—such as Control Loading—undergo mathematical analysis to verify that specific design requirements are met.   Reviews are held at different design stages to ensure accuracy of the design, quality of the work, and dissemination of information across the team.





21610 South Essex Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653