High Fidelity Panel Design & Fabrication

J.F. Taylor, Inc. produces high fidelity simulation panels for numerous training devices, including the AH-1W, CH-47F, CH-53E, F-18C/D, KC-130T, MH-60R/S/T, SH-70B, VH-3D, and VH-60N. In addition to building simulated aircraft panels for use in our own training devices, we build panel sets and COTS panels for trainers being developed by other companies. Many custom designs by J.F. Taylor have become COTS products to meet customer demand for high-quality panels, hardware, and circuitry.

H-60 Fuel Management Panel

Whether you need a custom solution or an existing product, we stand ready to meet your needs with high quality, high fidelity products at a reasonable price.

Crewstation Panel Designs

In our high fidelity panels, customers can count on:

  • Accurate tactile feel
    of controls and indicators
  • Overall appearance that replicates the aircraft panel
  • Backlighting same as the aircraft
  • NVG compatibility (when required)

Custom Design to a COTS Product

The process from a custom solution to a commercially available COTS product is as follows:

  1. Review Customer's Requirements
  2. Design Product to Meet Requirements
    • Develop Detailed Design
    • Develop Production Package
  3. Fabricate Product
  4. Produce Documentation Package



ARA Control Panel

 KC-130T Electrical Control Panel



Various I/O interfaces can be supported to meet the specific needs of our customers.   Interface support includes:

  • Simple Discretes such as Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input, or Analog Output
  • RS-422 Serial I/O
  • Custom I/O Designs








 AN/ALE-39 Programmer Panel

Data Packages

Detailed data packages are provided with our panels to support customer integration and maintenance including:

  • 3-D models in Pro-Engineer or Solidworks
  • Electrical and mechanical drawings in AutoCad
  • Interface Control Documents
  • Detailed Parts List

Circuit Designs

Custom solutions for various interface and instrumentation problems:

  • Analog & Digital Design
  • FPGA Design
  • Custom Printed Circuit Designs
  • Thru Hole & Surface Mount

Simulation / Stimulation Applications:

  • Signal Scalars
  • Interface Conversion
  • Signal Isolation & Buffering
  • Power Conversion

Instrumentation Applications:

  • Data Collection
  • Signal Isolation & Buffering

  • Scalar Card

Tools / Capablities:

  • ORCAD Schematic Design Tools
  • PADS Printed Circuit Design Tools
  • Altera FPGA Toolset
  • XILINX FPGA Toolset














 Radar simulator simulates the IFF interrogator and radar
 systems, and drives the signal data converter with hardware
 signals to mimic the aircraft data.


Hardware and Packaging

Custom hardware solutions are developed to meet customer's specific requirements.
J.F. Taylor capabilities include the following:

  • Full mechanical design & fabrication
  • Commercial-grade packaging
  • Ruggedized packaging for airborne applications
  • In-house manufacuring & finishing
  • Quality processes guide hardware design & development

Quality Processes

Our Quality Management System, certified to ISO 9001:2000 with Design, guides panel fabrication from initial development through testing, approval, and integration with the training device. Quality Assurance inspects and tests both the mechanical and electrical work for accuracy and workmanship.

J.F. Taylor, Inc. excels in the area of panel development due to our:

  • Quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • ESD Control
  • Parts Control
  • Complete and accurate drawing packages
  • Low prices (due to parts acquisition capabilities)
  • On-time Delivery



Wiring in the AFCS Control Panel demonstrates the quality of J.F. Taylor's panels and products.




For Additional Information

For additional information on J.F. Taylor, Inc. or to find out how our capabilities can meet your needs, please contact information@jfti.com.  



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