Systems Engineering

J.F. Taylor, Inc. provides systems engineering support to a number of NAVAIR program management teams at Patuxent River. Two of our major systems engineering customers are:

1. PMA-265 (F/A-18 Program Office) Communication/Navigation/Identification (Comm/Nav/ID, or CNI)

2. PMA-209 Common Avionics Comm/Nav/Surveillance Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) 

The range of support JFTI employees provide throughout a program’s life cycle includes:

  • Preparing Statements Of Work (SOWs) and specifications.
  • Identifying and resolving interface problems.
  • Reviewing a wide variety of technical documentation and deliverables.
  • Reviewing and overseeing qualification and acceptance test planning and procedure development, evaluating test data, and generating compliance test matrices.
  • Responding to and generating technical issue white papers.
  • Providing technical input for future program planning, including support for the Performance Objective Memorandum (POM) process.
  • Participating in platform integration meetings and maintaining technical program libraries.
  • Developing and tracking flight clearances.
  • Tracking the allocation of test and fleet assets, and assisting in coordinating test efforts.
  • Addressing technical logistics issues.
  • Reviewing software Operational Flight Program (OFP) requirements.
  • Help draft, update, and monitor compliance with key acquisition documents, such as Operational Requirement Document (ORD), Capability Development Document (CDD), Capability Production Document (CPD), and Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP).
  • Preparing technical positions in support of Operational Test Readiness Reviews.
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