High Fidelity Training Devices

J.F. Taylor, Inc. provides full-scale development of advanced military full flight simulators. Our staff of seasoned engineers considers the life cycle cost of each device and utilizes open architectures and the latest Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components to deliver a cost-effective and capable training device. Our success on past projects, coupled with our manufacturing capabilities and experience as a master integrator make J.F. Taylor, Inc. a low-risk provider of training system devices.

KC-130T APT developed and manufactured at the
J.F. Taylor, Inc.facility from a salvaged cockpit shell (inset).


Our goals are to be responsive to customer requirements, improve the warfighters’ training capabilities, and lower training costs. Our teamwork, quality processes, and detailed planning provide our customers with a fully functional simulator on budget and on time.

Our management believes in the Integrated Program Team (IPT) concept, and we have led and participated in IPTs on all our training device developments. This format gives the customer more frequent input into the overall design.

Extensive Experience

The company’s extensive experience in military aircraft RDT&E, positions J.F. Taylor, Inc. as a uniquely qualified supplier of training system devices. Our talented team of engineers, logisticians, and technical writers apply knowledge acquired from both previous training systems and our RDT&E work to new training systems under development.

We have been involved in the trainer development on many of the U.S. Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard platforms. These include the AH-1W, CH-53E, F-14A/B,
F/A-18C/D/E/F, KC-130T, MH-60S/R/T, P-3C, SH-60B, UH-1N, V-22, VH-3D, and VH-60N.

We integrate a multitude of vendors’ products into key trainer functions to produce superior products. This includes visual system vendors such as E&S, SGI, Quantum 3D, and Aechelon; and control loading system vendors such as SCT, Fokker, and Servos and Simulation.

The AH-1W (shown in model below) has had better
than 99% availability during its first 5 years of operation,
a tribute to J.F. Taylor, Inc.’s quality products.

Broad Capabilities

We use a wide variety of computational systems, operating systems, and programming languages to provide our customers the best device possible. We have developed real-time capabilities utilizing Intel-based systems. Our latest systems are designed using PC technology with LINUX and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

J.F. Taylor, Inc. has developed devices to provide interoperable training with other training systems using High Level Architecture (HLA) and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS). We have also integrated different Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) systems into our training devices. This provides a much richer synthetic environment for the warfighter.

We have Fabrication Facilities for both mechanical and electrical designs. This lowers cost and risk as the technicians have direct access to the engineering team throughout the fabrication and installation process.

We understand the importance of logistics and maintenance documentation as it pertains to the life cycle cost and availability of the device. We employ a talented logistics and documentation team which works with the engineering teams to produce accurate and complete documents the first time.

Competitive Pricing

J.F. Taylor, Inc.’s policy is to reduce initial costs as well as maintenance expenses for our customers through the following key methods:

  • Utilize the best COTS products available to lower initial and maintenance costs.
  • Rehost existing software models to reduce development time and initial costs.
  • Draw from our large library of tested avionics ­models that can be used in new devices.
  • Actively track progress throughout the design ­process.
  • Create designs that include all human engineering factors.

Recent Trainer Projects



US Navy FMS Case

--Developed 2 high-fidelity AH-1W trainers.

--Prepared facility, delivered, and are supporting devices internationally.

USMC Flight Simulators

--Performed NTIS modifications & CLS upgrades.


Performed visual, control loading, & software upgrades on WSTs for US Navy:


--Dome refurbishment, projectors, IG, & visual databases.

--Software installs, host, & IOS replacement.

--Electric control loading system (replaced hydraulic).


Modifying legacy SH-60B, SH-60F, HH-60H, & MH-60S flight trainers for US Navy.


Delivered 2 Mission Avionics Subsystem Trainers.


Developed a high-fidelity Aircrew Procedures Trainer (APT) with Navigator Station for the US Marine Corps and provided logistics support.

Transportable enclosure; delivered overseas.

MH-60R &

Fabricated hardware for 8 high-fidelity cockpits for US Navy TOFT devices.

WTTs, OFTs, Tactics Instructor Stations.

Delivered 4 cockpits in 12 months.

Fabricating 2 Avionics Maintenance Trainers (AMTs).


Fabricating high-fidelity cockpits & hardware for 8 OFTs.

Modified TOFT #6 cockpit for motion base.

Delivered cockpits #2-6.

Installed visual system for TOFT #2.

Developing IOS and I/O System for CSTRS Trainer.


Developed a high-fidelity Cockpit Procedures Trainer for US Coast Guard.

Integrated "glass cockpit" avionics suite and fielded glass cockpit trainer prior to aircraft configuration release.

Installed active electric control loading for primary flight controls.

Trainer awarded 2008 Captain Niels P. Thomsen Innovation Award by the USCG.


Forward Deployed Trainers

--Delivered RO-32 Emulator.

--Performed MX-15 Upgrade.

Reconfigurable Electronic Warfare Trainers

--Performed MX-15 Upgrade.

--Upgraded IG system, Visual Database, & SOFP.

Tactical Operational Readiness Trainer & Reconfigurable Electronic Warfare Trainers

--Delivered AN/ALR-95 (V)2 ESM System.

--Ported & tested PAS-137D(V)5 radar control indicator software.


Built simulated panels for Turkey.

VH-3D &

Executive Helicopter Program APT Original Build

--Developed high-fidelity cockpits.

--Produced visual databases for 5 gaming areas.

--Supported device integration into transportable enclosures.

APT Upgrade Program

--Technology refresh & visual system replacement.

--Glass Cockpit upgrade (VH-60).

--Carson Blade upgrade (VH-3).

For Additional Information

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