Visual Systems

J.F. Taylor's Visual Engineering Team provides the military with diverse technical support for flight simulators.  The Team integrated new visual systems for the CH-53E WST in New River and Miramar which included a six-OTW-channel and two-FLIR-channel Aechelon pC-Nova(TM) (v.3.1) IG, and five new VDC Marquee 9520EX projectors.

Our Team supported the Visual System integration for the MH-60S TOFT #2 delivered to NAS North Island. This system includes a SEOS Panorama collimated display system with a field of view of 200 degrees by 60 degrees. The image generator is Aechelon's pC-NOVA(TM) (v.2.0), contains five OTW channels, and has an additional channel dedicated to night vision goggle (NVG) stimulation.

Vega used to render simulated NVG.


Reason for Our Success

Our Visual Engineering Team has over 25 years’ combined experience in developing high-end visual systems. This experience, coupled with our close involvement with the customer, enables us to develop visual systems that maximize the training experience.


Washington D.C. scene at night using ESIG-5530.

Visual Databases

Our Visual Team created five large databases for the Executive Helicopter program, developed to run on the ESIG-5530. These databases include gaming areas in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Southern California, and an ocean region with 3D sea states.   These databases are NVG compatible and have been enthusiastically accepted by HMX-1 pilots for their quality and fidelity.

The Taylor Team delivered an OTW/FLIR Database to the USN Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, MD, developed using Terrex’s Terra Vista. We also used Multigen Paradigm’s Texture Material Mapper to develop the FLIR Sensor portions of the database. This database represents the Southern Maryland area, including the Naval Air Warfare Center in
Patuxent River, MD, and Webster Field in St. Inigoes, MD.

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